Psychedelic Furs | We Love You & Sister Europe

This morning I had a hankering for some Psychedelic Furs with my Sunday morning coffee. Their first self-titled album is still one of my all-time favorites. Let’s say definitely top 20. Back in the 80’s when I first got my drivers license, I would pick up my friend who lived a couple blocks away and we would blast the cassette of this album on our morning drive to school in my junior year. Yes, I still own that cassette. I’ve slightly evolved since then, so, this morning, I popped the tracks into my mp3 playlist and got to thinking…what is on Youtube for this album? I came across this tasty morsel. Both punky and poppy, beautifully chaotic, singer Richard Butler has a snotty Iggy Pop snarl and the band performs two tracks in a grinding, mesmerizing swirl. In a rare performance and interview for this first album, here is the Psychedelic Furs performing “We Love You” and “Sister Europe.”

(Fair warning: the sound quality on this video is dodgy. Turn down your speakers before playing.)

Let’s face it, you would just be ridiculous if you didn’t pick up this album for your collection.

Psychedelic Furs, we love you, too.

MP3 | Amazon: The Psychedelic Furs
CD | Amazon: Psychedelic Furs