Friday Night Faves – July 28, 2017

It’s been a few weeks since I put together a full playlist. Tonight’s lineup features a variety of new and old music. Tracks from classic artists as well as new material from artists all over the globe. With a healthy dose of post-punk, a smattering of post rock, dreamy lo-fi, and a dollop of indie pop, tonight’s list is delicious in every way. Exploring light and dark, post-punk and folk, indie rock and electronic pop, our playlist explores many facets of the music landscape.

Artists featured in tonight’s lineup include:

  • Ryan Evans is an experimental artist we featured last year. His use of field recordings that he samples and loops create spacious, ambient textures. We feature new material tonight from his recently released album Key Seeker.
  • Inferior Complex is a post-punk project that formed in 1979 with brothers Ray (bass/vocals) and Andrew Missons (keys), and original drummer Jimmy Faye. The project broke up in 1983 until 2011 when the brother reignited the project. They added drummer Paul Jenman in 2015. They released their album “In Your Life” last month, which you can find on Bandcamp.
  • Ötzi is an Oakland-based duo that plays a heavy and dreamy post-punk revival. They were included in the Memorial Day Mix and continue to inspire the Strawberry Tongue vibe with new tracks from their upcoming release Ghosts, available for pre-order on Bandcamp.
  • Antipole our friend Karl and Kristal are back with new material. Somewhere between post-punk and post rock, this Norwegian duo sets a beautifully dark and elegant tone to our setlist tonight.
  • Ian Lowery was one of the founding members of late 70’s and early 80’s group Ski Patrol and Folk Devils. Tonight’s material is from his later work, which has a darker, bluesy feel, still with his wry, poetic lyrics.
  • KIT B is a refreshing indie pop palette cleanser to brighten up our low-key set.
  • Jon Magnusson is a Norwegian lo-fi, indie folk artist that offers up luscious tracks from his recent EP Psalms for Sinners.
  • KLAMMER is a heavy, angular post-punk revival project out of the UK. They released their second album in 2016 and are working on new material for release later this year.
  • Tiny Magnetic Pets is an Dublin-based project that is releasing their debut album for Happy Robots Deluxe / Debris’ on August 18th. Quirky electronic pop with delicate vocal flourishes highlights their love of Kraftwerk, Bowie, Neu and Visage.
  • Andy K Leland is a lof-fi folk artist based out of Italy. Tongiht’s track is a second single and bright spot in our playlist tonight.
  • Nova Et Vetera is a French band that I introduced to the Strawberry Tongue playlist back in 2016. Tribal, dark and electronic, their music continues to inspire our aesthetic.
  • La Forme is a darkly alluring slice of intelligent synth pop. Very European in outlook, the sound is futuristic and yet has warmth and intelligence.  Tonight’s track was inspired by a line in Tennesse Williams’ play “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.”
  • Neonsol makes an appearance in tonight’s playlist with an ethereal, dark dancefloor track.
  • Perpacity makes an appearance tonight with a fantastic cover of a Depeche Mode song!
  • Silentport is the solo project by Roman Rütten. Tonight’s tracks feature the collaboration with Lory Fayer from the EP Paradox Ethereal Magazine.

Tracks from classic artists I am featuring tonight include:

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