Fléau | The Rat

fleau_squareSimmering, dark, electronic beats best describe the tracks found on the newest release from the solo project of Mathieu Mégemont called Fléau. Mégemont, known as “The Magician,” also plays with post-metal drone band Year of No Light and synthwave duet VvvV and AE.

Released on the incomparable Anywave records, Megement’s solo debut is breathtaking. Using only analog synths and effects, the sound has been inspired by John Carpenter soundtracks and the minimalist works of Estonian composer Arvo Pärt. Both sleek and luscious, dirty and sublime, Fléau paints a bleak sonic landscape driven by growling synths, blanketed with soaring melodies like glistening, freshly fallen snow. This recording is a perfect example of the heart of Strawberry Tongue never fully drawing that line in the sand between darkness and light.

Strawberry Tongue is pleased to announce the addition of the Fléau track “The Rat” to our playlist.

Learn more about Fléau at Anywave. Also, be sure to pick up a limited edition of the cassette release of the debut album at Bandcamp.