Friday Night Faves – June 30, 2017

After spending a some time in Alaska this past month, careening down desolate highways and mountain gazing, I came home to a bevy of tunes in my inbox. Tonight’s playlist is a combination of modern and classic tracks including new music that I received over the last two weeks from modern artists, classic tracks from a great new compilation, and old favorites that kept magically appearing in my playlist while I was surrounded by the gorgeous solitude of the ancient terrain from our 49th state. Think of this playlist as perfectly suited for gliding through glacial tundras as it would be for floating through space for destination moon. Heavy on the post-punk, shoegaze with sparks of indie electronics. This playlist, like Alaska, contrasts lightness and darkness, harsh austerity, and luscious layers.

Friday Night Faves airs every Friday evening at 7pm EDT/EST, and  randomly re-generates at 7am & 7pm EDT/EST on Saturday and Sunday following. After that, you will hear these artists as part of our regular rotation on Strawberry Tongue Radio.

A featured track tonight is actually one that I premiered on Strawberry Tongue earlier this week from Night Auditor. It’s an ear-wormy, shimmering sun-bathed track that will become a favorite in your summer playlist.

I have a handful of featured tracks tonight from the excellent compilation I also featured earlier this week called Silhouettes and Statues, a collection of first wave gothic tracks from the late 70’s to mid 80’s. Tracks tonight are from Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry, Balaam and the Angel, Hula and Dance Chapter.

Fawns of Love are a spectacular shoegaze duo that are releasing a new track next Friday, July 7. We are honored to be giving this an early spin.

Post-rock impressario’s Wozniak have a new track on board tonight.

Nadicomo is a duo that I introduced to the STR playlist last summer and this dreamy, gazey track kept popping up on my playlist throughout my secluded drives in the  arctic rainforest.

Equinox is a spoken word artist that I featured earlier this year. I have two new tracks that I am introducing to the playlist from his new release that came out earlier this week.

Beat Driven Insomnia is the project of Michel Mualem and combines spacey post-rock with dark underpinnings of The Cure and Sisters of Mercy.

Postcards from Jeff is a band that I introduced to the STR playlist a couple of years ago. This is another track that kept popping up on my holiday and seemed the universe delicately positioned it to create a luscious soundtrack for my journey.

Earth Next Door is an instrumental post-rock project from the California that explores texture, ambiance, lightness and dark.

The Eve is indie postpop band residing in The Netherlands. Their sound ranges from living room acoustics to giant postrock washes of sound. This was another driving track.

Cascadia Fault Line finds a sweet spot somewhere between dreampop and shoegaze and recently introduced two more tracks, both of which are in tonight’s mix.

Metal Disco is a dark electronic project that just released a new album on Detonic Records. Feeling like a classic coldwave, this material adds a nervy edge to this evening’s spacey, floaty playlist.

Sinclair 808 is the project of Jean-Luc Sinclair and is the ultimate track for a cinematic, sexy ride to Mars.

Surface Hoar is an asoteric glitch project by Matt Amundson that combines the use of collected sounds and field recordings to create unique compositions. His sound relies less on instrumentation and more on creating rhythms and auditory patterns from unique samples.

The Detox Twins are a coldwave duo out of Berlin on the Polytechnic Youth label. Two of their tracks kept popping up on my vacation rotation.

Wintermilk is a magical shoegaze project heralding from the foggy city of St. Petersburg, Russia. Their sound is melodic, dreamy and filled with beautiful lush aural landscapes.

Ultraviolence is an Indonesian project of Torkis Waladan and Maulana Akbar that plays a blistering post-punk revival. Focusing on angular guitars, bass, synth, and drum machine sound their sound is clearly inspired by 80’s coldwave.

Coucheron is a super high energy indie electronic project of Sebastian Kornelius Coucheron-Gautier Teigen

Finally, my last pick this week is actually a song that is more sentimental from Sad Lovers and Giants. My trip to Alaska was a trip that I never got to with Chad before he passed away. This song is a bittersweet ode to the things we never did.

Friday Night Faves airs every Friday evening at 7pm EDT/EST, and  randomly re-generates at 7am & 7pm EDT/EST on Saturday and Sunday following. After that, you will hear these artists as part of our regular rotation on Strawberry Tongue Radio.

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