Ghost is a new single from YDIMITY. With a totally chill and atmospheric vibe, the video portrays a woman moving through her day as a “ghost.” She glides throughout her day – in both public and private spaces – both disconnected from herself and virtually unnoticed by those around her. The song has a sparse sound with plucking guitars that lay soft groundwork, while synths that lightly pop in and out making this track feel dreamlike and surreal. Delicately crooning vocals  seem to beckon this unlikely heroine, who finds herself meandering in a shower, wandering through bustling cities, and strolling along empty beaches.

YDIMITU (formally earlynineties) is the long distance left-field project of Adam McGinn (Boston) and Andy Nagashima (NYC/Tokyo). Video directed by Andy Nagashima.  You can also follow them on Bandcamp.