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Strawberry Spotlight is a weekly feature on Strawberry Tongue Radio hosted by Lady Audio. She chats with the bands you hear, here, on Strawberry Tongue. In this edition, Lady Audio chats with dreampop artist Adryelle.

This is a transcription of that interview which airs December 28, 2016, 1:00 EST, only on Strawberry Tongue Radio. You can also catch the re-broadcast of this show on Saturday and Sunday at 1:00pm EST. Be sure to tune in!

Lady Audio: Hey everyone and welcome to Strawberry Spotlight I am lady audio and I will be host. today’s guest is Adryelle. Adryelle welcome to the show.
Adryelle: Thank you, and thanks for having me.
Lady Audio: Yeah, thanks so much for joining me. How are you  today?
Adryelle: I’m doing good I am actually I’m just hanging out in this park in Texas right now.
Lady Audio: Ahhh that sounds nice…
Adryelle: Yeah.
Lady Audio: My first question is what attracted you to the realm of music?
Adryelle: I think – so I’ve always loved music because it’s a way of expressing yourself and so I always felt like – I guess – I always like to sing but I was younger in the car whatever as I got older and I like – the thought came to me that maybe I can write my music or try to make my own songs and so I was actually kind of inspired by the band Nirvana and and like Crystal beings because I had started learning a lot of their music and I was like why can’t I write a song so then I tried and I just like loved it because it’s a really great way to express yourself and just there’s not really any rules I mean there’s some rules but like there’s a lot of those lot of movement with that whole spectrum you know what I mean
Lady Audio: Yeah. So what is it that you like most about music?
Adryelle: I guess like – the variety of it. there’s so many genres and there’s just a variety of different types of music and different styles of music. it’s just like – I don’t know there’s just like a lot of freedom in music I believe and so there’s freedom to create, freedom to express, and it’s a universal language so it has the pow er to touch so many people and so many different ways ways I think that we don’t even realize. I mean it can it can heal people and you can make people happy and you know just really influence emotions you know what I mean?
Lady Audio: Yes, yes – the variety. That’s good. Is there anything about music that you don’t like?
Adryelle: That’s a good question. Is there anything I don’t like about music? (ponders) Yeah I don’t – really – I don’t know  – that’s like – I guess not really!
Lady Audio: (laughs) That’s cool. So how would you describe  the kind of music you create?
adryelle-01-photoAdryelle: I would describe it as dream pop or or or dream folk – also electronic there’s like a lot of different genres I guess that I tend to move in and I feel like I’m always exploring different genres as well like artpop or just like kind of experimental stuff but it’s always kind of ambient kind of vibe to it I try to stick to the dream pop label, I guess, you know.
Lady Audio: Cool. I really like your song indigo can you talk a bit about it and what is it about?
Adryelle: So yeah, it’s about it’s basically about a story of relationship and just like a distance between two people and and how that might play out or…
[Play Indigo]
Adryelle: …I guess just like the frustration between having a relationship long distance.
Lady Audio: Okay. Another song I really like the morning and I wondered what the story was behind that song?
Adryelle: Yeah the morning is I wrote that song after I heard about a friend who had committed suicide. And I was just really upset when I found out and I didn’t really I guess I felt like I could just express myself better through writing a song about it so I just wrote a song about how I felt…
[Play The Morning]
Adryelle: …about the suicide and also, just in general, I felt like other people would be able to relate to the song possibly if other people had had friends or family that have committed suicide before.
Lady Audio: Were you really close with this person?
Adryelle: Yeah for a while I was, and then we drifted apart and then we kind of drifted apart. You know we had been in College.
Lady Audio: I’m really sorry to hear that. It’s a really beautiful song. There are two versions of it that I saw out there. What is the Terracotta blue remix?
Adryelle: Yes. So Terracotta Blue contacted me and was like, ‘I really like the song The Morning, and could I do a remix’ and I was like yeah that would be awesome so he that was basically his take on the song and he had remixed the song
Lady Audio: He did a really really wonderful job on the song. Yeah, I really think he did I think it just adds a kind of a different spin to the feel of the song, because the original version is is very kind of melancholy, and it just has a really has a certain kind of atmospheric vibe, I think, it creates. Then the Terracotta blue remix it’s just kind of it makes it almost more pop or something.
Adryelle: Yeah, yeah. Definitely. It definitely has a different vibe that he he added his own spin on the song, you know.
Lady Audio: Yeah, and one more song is Pawn of Arnew?  what is that one about?
Adryelle: Yeah, a friend of mine – he was like – he wanted to collaborate and so he did a few of my other remixes – he did a remix of Kiss the Daylight and a he also did a remix of Black Chandelier, and we had decided to write that song, A Pawn of Arnew, together. He kind of gave me the theme like the song and we had written the music together. Actually, he wrote the music and then I wrote the melody and the lyrics. And the song is basically about like a girl, like a themed, about this girl and she just, I guess, but, it’s about a girl, amd like he like, I dunno, it’s a theme about a girl. And it has like a fantasty theme to it, so it has this kind of a fantasy kind of vibe to it, so ummm, yeah.
Lady Audio: Yeah I really like that aspect about it. It’s just kind of seems otherworldly in certain parts.
Adryelle: Yeah that’s what we were going for for an otherworldly kind of vibe and kind of like a final fantasy kind of thing, so yeah basically that’s like…
Lady Audio: Cool. What new projects are you working on now?
adryelle-02-photoAdryelle: Yeah I’m working on an EP right now and it’s more acoustic guitar bass and there’s some electronic elements in it, so I’m trying to combine like electronic sounds and acoustic sounds and there’s several new songs that I’ve written and The Morning is actually going to be on that EP as well and, it’s, there’s going to be about five songs. I’m actually really excited about it because because I feel like it’s just different than the other stuff I’ve written. Yeah, so it should probably be out by next month or January sometime.
Lady Audio: Okay, yeah I’ll be on the lookout for it, and do you perform live shows too?
Adryelle: Yeah, I do. I haven’t really much recently I played in South Dakota actually recently but that was kind of spontaneous but I haven’t actually been actively playing shows just because I’ve been traveling around the country and I’ve been I’ve actually been like speaking as a motivational speaker at schools. I’m going to schools and talking to kids, but I really want to get back into playing live shows hopefully soon like after the EP is released and everything.
Lady Audio: I wanted to ask what are your live shows like ?
Adryelle: Yeah so in the past they’ve been, kinda done different things like, I was just playing the piano for awhile, and I had a band so I played with the band, as well, but then I switched up to doing more of a solo electronic set, where I played everything myself and it went all through a loop pedal and so I did the drums and then the synthesizers and everything. So that was really fun. Now lately I’ve just been playing guitar it’s kind of a simple set. In the future I’d like to do more with an acoustic set but add in more electronic stuff and add in using a loop pedal as well. So, but, that’s for the future.
Lady Audio: Yeah, definitely. I know it’s a lot of work to have all of those different pedals and stuff to work with, especially if it’s just you up there and you’ve got like – when I play live – I have my vocal box and then I also have my guitar box and it takes me 5 to 10 minutes to set up. And then you have to practice with all those steps and different voices on the vocal pedal and the different voices on the guitar pedal and then you have to remember where each one’s are and then if anything changes in the middle of the song you have to press those buttons, and you’re trying to sing and look down at the same time and make sure you’re pressing the right pedal….. (laughs)
Adryelle: Yeah it’s definitely like a lot and just making sure the levels are right and everything like that, so I definitely know what you’re talking about.
Lady Audio: Yeah. So where can people go to listen to it by your music?
Adryelle: Yeah, so my website is, that’s a-d-r-y-e-l-l-e dot com. Everything is on there. I have a Soundcloud account that’s linked to the website, as well as my band camp account and my music is through bandcamp so you can also go to straight to bandcamp which is and you can buy and listen to it there as well. I’m also on iTunes and Spotify. You can look me up on Spotify, too.
Lady Audio: Cool. And now for scenario. It’s late in the afternoon – the shadows are long  – the air is silent – and you are standing by a pond. Suddenly, you notice a guitar in your hand. You sit down to play it and as you do the water in the pond begins to shimmer. As you play, what sort of patterns are created on the water?

Adryelle: I would say – okay, I saw this scientific video the other day and how about how music affects water and how music actually changes water molecules, and has an effect on water molecules. The water actually looks like crystals and like snowflakes . Snowflake shaped – and that immediately came to me so like little tiny crystals or like snowflake shapes in the water. (laughs)

Lady Audio: Ahhh, that would be beautiful. Alright and last but not least what is your favorite flower?
Adryelle: My favorite flower – that’s a really hard question. My favorite flower is probably I would say a sunflower.
Lady Audio: A sunflower…
Adryelle: Because that’s the one that popped in my head so…but, I have a lot of favorite flowers.
Lady Audio: What are some of your other favorite flowers?
Adryelle: Lilies, daffodils, tulips, orchids are really beautiful. I really like orchids.
Lady Audio: I love those big sunflowers that are seven eight feet tall or something….
Adryelle: : Yes they are awesome.
Lady Audio: And if you’re in Texas you’re kind of almost in that country where the sunflowers grow so big.
Adryelle: I haven’t seen any but….
Lady Audio: Maybe it isn’t the time of the year. Well, thank you so much for joining me today Adryelle. I really appreciate it.
Adryelle: Yes thank you. It was awesome, thanks for having me!

Strawberry Tongue would like to thank Adryelle for chatting with Lady Audio. Listen to and buy her music at the links below:

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Strawberry Spotlight is a weekly feature on Strawberry Tongue hosted by Lady Audio. She chats with the bands you hear, here, on Strawberry Tongue. She swims through all the waves – new wave, synthwave, darkwave and jumps along with all the posts – post-punk, post-rock, and post-pop. Watch out, she get all electronica, dreampoppy, and shoegazey, too!
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Strawberry Spotlight is a weekly feature on Strawberry Tongue hosted by Lady Audio. She chats with the bands you hear, here, on Strawberry Tongue. She swims through all the waves – new wave, synthwave, darkwave and jumps along with all the posts – post-punk, post-rock, and post-pop. Watch out, she get all electronica, dreampoppy, and shoegazey, too!

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