We relish the past as much as we love the future, so you will hear a mélange of songs from artists that range from the 60’s to current. We lean towards a “darker” and sometimes more experimental sound. Our playlist features over 24 hours of modern and classic new wave, cold wave, post-punk, goth, dreampop, electronic, post rock, chillwave, indie, emo, alternative, Dadaist yelping and Charleton Heston hollering. Welcome to Strawberry Tongue.

Art Wave. Warm Wave. Pysche Wave. Vapor Wave. Chill Wave. Dark Wave. No Wave. Cold Wave. Synth Wave. Post Wave. New Wave.

We’ve got your Wave.

There are so many ways to listen to Strawberry Tongue Radio:

  1. using in the player in the right hand side of the page (or scroll down if you are on a device)
  2. Download our super fancy StrawberryTongue app for your Android, Blackberry and iOS devices!
  3. Find us on a number of favorite players including iTunes, TuneIn, Radio, Streema and more.
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