Feeding Fingers introduces new album for 2018

Over the last year, Strawberry Tongue introduced Feeding Fingers to our playlist with the ambitious and breathtakingly dark album “Attend.” A blistering, three-vinyl LP odyssey into darkness and melancholy, “Attend,” is breathtaking release peppered with topics such as grief, loss, despair, loneliness and anger. Much to our surprise, Justin Curfman recently announced the release of a new album for early 2018. Entitled “Do Owe Harm,” the new material is the sixth release by Feeding Fingers and is best described as visionary. In Curfman’s own words it is,

“…an exploration of polytonal/microtonal/xenharmonic music facilitated by the utilization of tunable analog synthesizers, quarter-tone guitars, fretless instruments, acoustic/electronic hybrid percussion, micro-intervallic wind instruments & vocals abiding cautiously within the notes between the notes.

Although Curfman takes a long-haired approach to writing these tracks, there is no hint of these this material being too precious or overwrought. With luscious, murky and swirling layers, his genius is embedded in creating somber pop tracks. This release is a further complement to his already impressive back catalog, which could be filed neatly between The Cure and Joy Division without a blink of the eye.

Until October 16, 2017, Feeding Fingers is offering a pre-order of the vinyl release of “Do Owe Harm,” as well as pre-orders for the autographed CD. They anticipate shipping in early January. I can’t think of a better way to start 2018. 

Pre-Order “Do Owe Harm” Vinyl

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