A Factory Outing: Live at the Hacienda

For fans of bands that were on the short-lived and legendary Factory Records, this is a video that the label released in 1983. Recorded at the legendary Hacienda, this video features live performances from  label heavy hitters New Order and lesser known acts such as Quando Quango and Swamp Children. This is an hour of your life that you will be grateful that you devoted time to.


0:10 New Order – Video 5 8 6
2:49 New Order – Your Silent Face
9:27 James – Stutter
12:38 Stockholm Monsters – Life’s Two Faces
15:42 52nd Street – The Rapp
20:20 A Certain Ratio – Back to the Start
24:04 A Certain Ratio – Show Case
27:11 Swamp Children – You’ve Got Me Beat
31:18 The Durutti Column – The Beggar
35:49 The Wake – Uniform
41:05 Section 25 – Warhead
45:55 Quando Quango – Go Exciting
52:03 52nd Street – Cool as Ice (instrumental mix)