Friday Night Faves | September 1, 2017 – Labor Day Weekend

It’s Labor Day weekend here in the United States, and the official end to summer.  We’ve already dipped into sunny days and cool evenings here in the heartland. Autumn will be here soon, friends. Tonight’s playlist is extra special – featuring tracks from over 25 artists, a mix of both modern and classic, with a heavy emphasis on the experimental side. This summer has felt surreal, so, this playlist matches that overwhelming feeling combining post-punk, dark electronica, jazz fusion and as always, a healthy dose of electronica.

This massive playlist that will air on Friday at 7:00 EDT / 2:00am CEST and randomly regenerates on Saturday, Sunday and Monday at 1:00 EDT / 19:00 CEST. Strawberry Tongue Radio is on-the-air, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so you can always hear tracks from the artist below and many more!

A Witness is a post-punk band that was active in the mid-to-late 80’s indie rock scene. The band ended in 1989 with the death of guitarist Rick Aitken. In 2014, founding member and bass player, Vince Hunt reignited the snuffed out flame of A Witness marking the 25th anniversary of Aitken’s death. After the reunion, the band continues to tour today.

Adwaith is a Carmarthen based female trio indie rock group that rounds out tonight’s set with a punk-femme anthem that is as catchy as it powerful.

Ask for Joy is a one-man shoegaze project by Aaron Rossetto. Austin, Texas based Rossetto writes, performs and produces all of his own material. His sound is huge, with lush and shimmering layers. He is releasing his 9th EP on September 10th and we have a sneak peek of his new material.

Ghostly Beard is the nom de plume of Canadian visionary Patrick Talbot. Playing a blend of jazz, prog-rock, and pop fusion, tonight’s track adds a totally chill vibe to an otherwise eclectic playlist.

Carta is an ambient dream-pop project that involves a rotating cast of musicians from San Francisco. They describe their sound as being  “paranoid inner-vacuum micro-dub and ruminative post-space hypno-drone,” which is pretty succinct.  Tracks featured come from their fourth album, released earlier this summer.

Cesium Swimsuit and Walrus Tales make an appearance on the playlist with another collaboration that creates a spacey, floating soundscape.

Cling is an electronic duo from the UK with a surreal ethereal twist. The pair has been making noise since 2006 and combines glitchy hip hop and ambient tones. Tonight we are featuring a couple of their latest tracks from this female-fronted project.

Darto is a four-piece project out of Seattle that ranges between electronics and melodic psychedelia. Their new album, Human Giving, will be released on September 8 and we are previewing new tracks from it.

Fai Baba is a Swiss blues-jazz fusion-indie rock group. I had the pleasure of catching one of their live shows last summer while visiting the beautiful city of Basel. Tonight I am featuring a track from their 2016 release, which will make you feel like summer will never end.

James Saunders is a South African artist whose musical range goes between indie folk to ambient electronica creating an alternative folk that is mellow like a cool September evening.

Legendary Pink Dots have been creating ambient, experimental, electronic, indie folk, garage psych for over 30 years. Their back catalog is breath-taking, prolific, and sometimes weird. Tonight we are featuring a track from their newest release, Premonition.

Lex Audrey is a Viennese-based trio that combine euphoria and sadness, shifting musical boundaries between Rock, Pop and Electronica. The band sees the world in red, yellow and blue but when these three primary colors are mixed they turn to black. This band explores the spaces in between light and dark.

Modus Pony is the moniker for the independent experimental musician/ producer Matt Ackerman. Based out of California moduS ponY straddles the line between intellectual and visceral music. Like a modern-day Martin Denny, he creates music that is groovy, catchy, and a little weird.  Tracks tonight come from his latest release Phonogetic Ouch.

New Age Healers is the solo post-punk project of Owen Murphy, who is based in Seattle. He is releasing a new album in 2017 and we are featuring a new track off the upcoming release, Where The Tragic Happens.

Parábolas del Bosque (Parables of the Forest), is a band from Chihuahua, Mexico. We are super excited to introduce them to the Strawberry Tongue family with their dreamy and sad slowcore tracks that transcend language with their devastating beauty.

Shadows and Mirrors is an 80’s-influenced electronic project from Chicago. The project of Brian Diamond, his second release, Summerland, features all the great elements of electropop with a glimmer of dark sparkle. These tracks heat up our fading summer playlist.

Stockholm Monsters were a post-punk band from Manchester. They released one album and a number of singles on the Factory label from 1981 – 87. Discovered and produced by Peter Hook of New Order, their sound combines indie and pop sensibilities.

Suns of Arqa is a project that formed in the late 70s by Michael Wadada. He has continuously investigated the supernatural potential hidden in the Classical Raga structure of the music of India. His mission – to mix the cerebral and illusive cosmological vibrations of Raga, with the mother earth rhythms of Niyabinghi drumming that were surfacing in England in the guise of Dub Reggae. We are featuring one of his groundbreaking tracks.

The Cravats, post-punk sax-inflected surrealists, has released their first new material since the early 80’s. Just as quirky as now as then, I am featuring tracks from their new release. Plus, you can always find their older material in our regular rotation on Strawberry Tongue.

The Raft is a project of Phil Wilson. He resurfaces with a new EP, Lullaby, hot off the heels of his May release, Coming Up For Air. We are featuring one track tonight.

The Thought Criminals are an Electro / New Wave trio from London that play a sleazy and infectious dance-punk. We are featuring a couple of new tracks from these high energy electropoppers.

The Veldt is an indie rock group that combines soul, electronics, drone and ambient elements to create a sound that is gazey and shimmering. With so many layers on this luscious sound cake, you just can’t stop at one bite. We are featuring new tracks from their release earlier this year.

Vukovar is a post-punk project based out of the UK. They make their sophomore debut on the Strawberry Tongue playlist tonight with a sneak peek of a new single off their upcoming release, Puritan, which will be released October 25th.

Walking Misery is a post-punk influenced band based out of Denton, Texas. They make their debut tonight on Strawberry Tongue with a new single released earlier this summer.

White Hex is an Australian based duo that lasted for about four years between 2011 – 2015. The project of Jimi Kritzler and Tara Green, the pair made sexy and sinister synthpop. I am featuring a couple of tracks from their unbelievably great album “Gold Nights.”

Wooden Arms is contemporary quintet from the UK who draw from Trip-hop, Classical, and Alternative music. They are releasing their second album this fall and tonight’s track is the first single from their latest release.

Xeresa makes a surprise appearance with a sumptuous instrumental piece from his latest self-titled release from earlier this summer.

Zola Jesus is the devastatingly ethereal project of Nika Roza Danilova. A Wisconsin native, she summons the spirits of her native terrain to create frosty,  icily pristine soundscapes. She is releasing her sixth album, Okovi, next Friday. We are previewing new material on this weekend’s playlist.

And with that my friends, you have your instant holiday weekend playlist!

This massive Friday Night Faves playlist that will air on September 1, 2017 (Friday) at 7:00 EDT / 2:00am CEST and randomly regenerates on Saturday, Sunday and Monday at 1:00 EDT / 19:00 CEST.

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