Friday Night Faves – September 8, 2017

Tonight’s playlist is short and sweet, like the good old days of Friday Night Five. Five artists, a track or two each, plus a smattering of classic faves. Be still my heart.

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Factice Factory is a coldwave project out of Liévin, France. Diving deep into minimal synths and icy sonic landscapes, this release from Fatice Factory has nervy and post-apocalyptic sound. is releaing a new album the end of september entitled Parallels and Lines.

PRIYYA makes a new appearance on our show tonight. She is a Nepalese-American who is exploring her bilingualism and multi-cultural identity through her music. Her vocals are velvety and sublime, reminiscent of Julee Cruise. Her unusual instrumentation and sultry musical style is blended with a very subtle trip hop.

The Grey Merchant first appeared on our playlist back in February. They are making a new appearance with a new track. Heralding from Cork, Ireland, the trio plays a blistering and vibrant indie rock. They have a new album coming out the end of this month.

Peter M Mahahead is making a debut on our station tonight. He is an indie rock artist from Stouffville Canada whose influences range from MGMT to Nick Drake.

Chimes At Midnight is the project of singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Cyrus Atkins. Based out of Raleigh, NC, Atkins lo-fi style blends the tradition of introspective songwriting with the serendipity and experimentation of noise music.

Fun throwbacks tracks tonight include material from Introflirt, in honor of my dearly departed friend, Ben Benjamin, who would have turned 33 this week, 80’s post-modernists Hula and  British jazz/funk fusion band 52nd Street.

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