JYLDA | The Body

Last week I featured “The Body,” a new track by JYLDA on my Friday Night Faves show. I fell in love with her unique approach to sound and luscious, operatic vocals. She released this video to accompany the track that has a loving nod to “The Big Lebowski,” with its bowling alley theme. Her soft, whispering, raspy voice tells a tale about attraction doomed to end badly.  

“I come from opera, I have a soft spot for really dramatic love stories. The idea here was was to break with the song’s dulcet tone. In the outro of the piece there’s a xylophone part. It’s the mellowest part and we both that this would be the perfect spot for a dark climax. I used act and I always thought that it would be great to kill someone on screen… There’s a sweet and mellow quality to the song and we wanted to break with that. If you listen closely though I think you can feel a bit of darkness from the very beginning…” – JYLDA

And with that, Strawberry Tongue has a soft spot for JYLDA.

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