Would you like to submit your music for consideration? Or maybe you just want to chat about music?

Either way, drop me a line at {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it}

(Or “How to Increase your Chances of Getting Aired on Strawberry Tongue Radio”)

  1. Send me your zipped files. Please include an EPK (electronic press kit) or short information about your band members names (stage, real, etc.), band vision and sound, etc. This does not have to be anything extraordinary. I just like to have some personal background on the band.
  2. Be sure to include 3 tracks that you think highlight your work. If I am interested, I will seek out additional/other tracks that might fit the format better. (Pro Tip: I am usually frantically trying to pull together a show last minute. Files might have failed, or I didn’t hear from a specific artist that I was waiting on material. This leaves an opening in the slot I need to fill. You will have a better chance of getting aired if you send me everything up front.)
  3. Make sure your ID3 tags are complete and correct. Ugh. I spend a lot of time retagging files to make sure you are credited properly on the streaming server. This benefits you, the listener, and me!
  4. Be patient. There may be a number of submissions in the hopper, or there might be a show that you are better suited for.
  5. If I don’t use your material or feature you on the site or station, don’t take it personally. Your sound might not fit the format at this time. Please know, I will never write a negative review about your work. I have more respect for your artistic vision than my personal taste in music.