Friday Night Faves – June 16, 2017

This week’s playlist features a number of artists on the Silber Records label out of North Carolina. Their label tends to focus on experimental and drone tracks, lending a spacey ambiance to complement other artists in tonight’s lineup. There is a lot of sexy, brooding, and sultry tracks tonight, which only seems appropriate as we move into summer solstice. Put on your chill suit as we take you on a trip to the moon.

Moodring is a Portland four piece that finds their sound somewhere between art rock & meditative jazz.

Emerald Suspension is conceptual project that used patterns found in the stock market and economic data, releasing this work on their second album Playing the Market.

M is We is a four piece post-punk band from Carrboro, NC, that fuses elements of indie pop, new wave, dark wave, and punk.

Cubbi is a Los Angeles artist that combines experimental noise and a cool trip-hip vibe.

Evo Auxilium is based out of Minnesota and plays an experimental arty sound.

Space Above is a trio from Auckland NZ that plays a blend of electronic/space tech.

Audiodeluxe is a Glasgow based husband/wife team that plays a blend of electronic chill, shoegaze, and art rock.

H ø R D is inspired by film noir and paints a bleak sonic landscape with dense, rich layers that is intense and exhilarating.

Mic Raygun is a Brooklyn based, beat-driven synth artist that derives inspiration in industrial, GrungeWave, DJ Rock, and Acoustic Trash.

Flyinglow is an Uppsala, Sweden based musician Joel Gabrielsson. Combining cool, dark, expansive sounds, fans of Fever Ray​ or The Knife​ will totally vibe on his sound.

Get Along  is husband and wife duo Nicholas and Cara Yañez that plays indie dance-punk.

Élan Vital is a coldwave trio based out of New Zealand that plays dark dance-tempo juxtaposed to synth-pop blooms.

The Mighty Missoula is a Portland-based post-rock band that has a decidely cinematic sound.

Midnight Mystery Club  is synthpop duo from from San Luis Obispo that combines electro, alternative dance and dreamwave sounds.

Moon Gravity is a droning Stockholm project that has an icy, Arctic ambiance that is glacially droning and celestial.


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Dawn Marie
Curator | Writer | Eccentric | Strawberry Tongue Music an obsessive-compulsive music aficionado. Her interests in music tend towards Post-Punk, New Wave, Electronic, Experimental, Jazz, and Darkwave. She feels as comfortable listening to 40's standard pop tunes as she does bat cave goth or heavy metal. She makes no excuses for her choices.