Introducing The Kitchen Sink

Strawberry Tongue is pleased to announce the addition of The Kitchen Sink, a radio show hosted by Elizabeth Klisiewicz. If you are a fan of shoegaze, dream pop, post-punk, or psychedelia, you have probably seen Elizabeth around the Interwebs. She has been creating music podcasts for a number of years and also writes for When the Sun Hits, Echoes and Dust, and Big Takeover Magazine. Her expertise and passion for multiple genres of music is a perfect fit for our format and we are excited to include her new show in our station programming.

About The Kitchen Sink from Elizabeth

The Kitchen Sink is a biweekly program dedicated to new and old sounds from around the globe. My specialty is psychedelia along with shoegaze, dream pop, and post-punk. I also throw in obscure but wonderful 60’s classics, British folk, jangle pop, ambient, and punk rock on occasions. Taking a kitchen sink approach that encompasses many genres, I treat listeners to an eclectic mix of music. Listen in every other Thursday at 9PM EST on Strawberry Tongue Radio. Click here to visit her station page and find out ways to listen to her show!



Dawn Marie
Curator | Writer | Eccentric | Strawberry Tongue Music an obsessive-compulsive music aficionado. Her interests in music tend towards Post-Punk, New Wave, Electronic, Experimental, Jazz, and Darkwave. She feels as comfortable listening to 40's standard pop tunes as she does bat cave goth or heavy metal. She makes no excuses for her choices.